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Large range of models Ibs: women, men, children. Possible orders for individual tailoring!

We have passed the certificate of conformity and all laboratory tests
Our merchandise setifitsirovan and corresponds GOST R certification system

We provide services for processing and tanning hides

Women's boots, men's boots,
boots for children

boots - it is warm and sturdy shoes with curative properties. A great option for winter fishing, hunting and just for fans of the Siberian winter.

boots - it is convenient and practical winter boots, requiring minimal maintenance, and suitable for children and adults. In fur boots made of natural materials, guaranteeing a long service life without losing consumer qualities, your feet will be warm and comfortable.

boots - men, women of different sizes , models, colors. Wide leg pads and completeness makes comfortable toe not only young , but also the elderly.

Our proposal is also relevant for fishermen and hunters ,   as well as for those who prefer leisure .

Individual tailoring

Ibs from producer


   We offer custom tailoring of female and male quality and comfortable winter shoes - boots and IBS to work , walking and everyday wear.

sell materials for repair and tailoring footwear wholesale and retail!    


  • Boots women's "Classic" - 16 000 $
  • women's Boots with ornament - 17 000 $
  • women's Boots with embroidery beaded - 17 000 $
  • casual Shoes womens with ornament - 14 000 $

  • Boots mens kamus deer - 17 000 $
  • Boots mens kamus elk - 18 000 $
  • Shoes mens kamus deer - 14 000 $
  • Shoes mens kamus elk - 14 500 $

Sell Camus deer and deer antlers

download price on materials

we Accept wholesale and retail orders!

are Ready to work with any cities of Russia...

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